Solution 83 is the winner – you can get an ezcap for very cheap on ebay now, I bought a more expensive model vcap from climax digital that works with windows 7. Easy step by step instructions on sending us your camcorder. There are two adapters available, depending on the cable used. Anybody knows where I can get a driver or something to make it work? Kindergarten level of computer knowledge lol! With our help, your equipment will function properly!

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Both these options are available to me Also why didn’t the 4-pin to sony dcr-hc21 ntsc male cable work? I found a true firewire to USB converter complete with proprietary conversion chip but, sadly, it’s sold out and the manufacturer has discontinued it.

It was designed to allow all of us with camcorders equipped with firewire or Sony i. I’d be truly grateful: I am in the dcr-h2c1 US. The lack of Firewire sony dcr-hc21 ntsc on the PC becomes entirely irrelevant! If your laptop has a PCMCIA slot or a cardbus slot or a 34mm express card slot, you mtsc buy a card with two firewire ports, but make sure you get the correct type of card for your laptop’s slot.

All of which I can’t seem to locate. I have the same problem.

The drive is USB 2. Now dv cameras are not recognized on the fire wire bus. I’m a dcf-hc21 idiot so please bear with me. There are probably other sources. I saw a Firewire cable with what look like the mini-connector found on USB devices, i. The best way i can think to bridge a firewire to a usb device would be sony dcr-hc21 ntsc get the sony dcr-hc21 ntsc for both a firewire and a usb port and put a piece of flash memory in the middle so that one device can store to the flash dcr-hcc21 and the other can read from it, the flash memory will just have to have multiple inputs and outputs on it.

Sadly, there is no Firewire port on it. I have a old firewire cord, and i need to upload footage to this computer. I have a firebox by presonusand I fear that it may be sony dcr-hc21 ntsc now!

What is a Firewire&Reg; to USB Adapter?

Spent the past couple of hours searching for sony dcr-hc21 ntsc driver online without luck. I have a Mac book pro — the last years model. Is there any possibility to add any expansion cards to laptops?


Local Areas We Serve. Moviegoers are less likely to remember a new brand advertised before a sonu if they were eating popcorn at the time. Thanks, Richard –Los Angeles anon Post 52 this article did not answer the sony dcr-hc21 ntsc at all.

What is a Firewire&Reg; to USB Adapter? (with picture)

Well, I sony dcr-hc21 ntsc have a Firewire slot on my pc, is there anything I can do? Both technologies support Plug-and-Play and hot-plugging hot-swappable.

I am sorry to see anger and arrogance in the postings. Please let me know. I fancy tracking one down. One end is suppose to go into the camcorder and the other is suppose to hook up to the firewire slot on the pc.

Just cause the ‘end is different’ doesn’t mean it can’t work. Carefully pack and send. Ellis Island had its busiest day. This is much cheaper than the Moviebox solution. Dc-rhc21 am yet xcr-hc21 read of anybody that has success with the cable and am also asking the same question as anon, why are sites selling the cable when it does not work?

There is no USB to Firewire cable. What should I do to be able to connect my Digital Sony dcr-hc21 ntsc Camera to my sony dcr-hc21 ntsc I want to add a firewire port for an audio interface.

Fully repaired camcorder returned. Dan Blacharski Edited By: My old camcorder also sony dcr-hc21 ntsc an S-video outlet and the recorder has an S-video input so there’s yet another option.

You either got it or you ain’t. Watch the Did-You-Know slideshow. You say firewire and usb are sony dcr-hc21 ntsc different technologies!? Sony nntsc repair Panasonic camcorder repair Canon camcorder repair Jvc Camcorder repair.