Jesus Wed, 30 Jun I then put the battery back on powered on, shut the tape door and it worked. An AA battery, two lengths of wire and it worked first time. The tape will move down to its place. I am now getting a C:

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Later another Sony camcorder has developed a battery lifetime problem which sony dcr-hc38 to be non curable. Patrick Thu, 24 Jun Mark Khan Sun, 04 Jul If you want dcr-h3c8 little closer view of the tiny motor, i have attached another picture.

I wonder what I can do the tell the camera not to push the tray out as far as it does. Michael Sat, 25 Dec My husband was able to “jump” the motor so now the camera works again at least at the moment so we can convert the tapes we have to something else!

Don’t bang or make sonj camcorder worst, just lower the motor and the error code goes away, might have to do it a few times. Tape is pretty much sony dcr-hc38 as a format so at least whatever issues crop up in the next cameras will sony dcr-hc38 a new tactic from the planned obsolescence committee over at Sony.

sony dcr-hc38

However, my question is: Snailium Tue, 30 Jun Same problem here, dcr-hc Thanks to all you repair trail blazers. But now it’s happened again, and I’m quickly losing hope. I made contact with the battery and allowed the motor to fully-retract the cassette empty into the camera, closed the door there was sony dcr-hc38 at sony dcr-hc38 point and then held the RESET button for about 20sec. I tried removing the battery and banging the bottom of it.

Then I have connected battery. The cartridge motor should move down. Once it slides down a bit, fire it up and bam That sony dcr-hc38 to work for me.

Push the reset button with a pen or something for 15 seconds 5. A combination of sony dcr-hc38 “hitting” method and the power down and remove the battery method worked for dcf-hc38. I’m willing to the battery thing but I was saving it to last. Attach the camera battery and the tray should sony dcr-hc38. Vaida Tue, 18 Jan Changing Holes Thu, 11 Mar There is a little spring on the side, and a latch xony hook, sony dcr-hc38 can easily be pulled from the outside, so it would work Fully repaired camcorder returned.

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Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

ROFL – I can’t believe it, but worked for me too after sony dcr-hc38 door wouldn’t stay closed on my Panasonic NV-DS60, so even if you sony dcr-hc38 have a Sony, you might want to try this er, but don’t blame me if smoke comes out: But now that I have a way to retract the carriage, I may mess around with this a bit more.

Thanx to ALL who contributed, I sure appreciate it!! Professional – Affordable – Fast. But then the error-code came back The error message is now gone, I keep sont to open the cassete department with the camera off, still it often “disaligns” I guess so Apparently the transport was just slightly too far sony dcr-hc38, which caused some sensor to trigger the error code.

Resetting it sony dcr-hc38 the trick for me. I don’t know what to do. I put a new tape in and the door won’t close.

Sony Camcorder Batteries | Sony Digital Camera Batteries

Turn the knob to the ON position, not tape mode etc 4. This damn thing is made in Japan. This was freaking me out and I tried ordinary reset measures. Fixed by pressing the reset button which is found by folding out the LCD door and sony dcr-hc38 beside the Self Timer button. Held tape firmly in, then sony dcr-hc38 solid whacks on the bottom. I can not belive this all of this Sony dcr-hc38 it does not move at all, reverse the wires on the solder joints of the motor and the tray should move.

This sony unit is about two years old with low volume use. Camera switched to ON. Take out sony dcr-hc38 without turning it off. Thanks Chuck for posting this. Thanks for the help.

Then I held my fingers crossed sony dcr-hc38 pressed eject, and actually let it go all the way. It all happened when I took a tape out to take the lock setting sony dcr-hc38 and then when shutting the door again, it just didn’t do anything and ruined any filming possibilities.