Plug indicatar was blue. I have a Satellite A model: I contacted Toshiba and my battery does not qualify for the recall. I checked the adapter, which seems to work just fine as a power source on its own, and the charging lights appear to be working normally. My problem now is when I plug in the dc power adapter sometimes it shows it charging and sometimes not.

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How can I download the updates if the laptop will not stay on! How can I update my Bios if my battery does not charge?

I even tozhiba the battery with a new one but still it does not work on battery at all. Try to remove the battery, connect the AC adapter and start the laptop. Now insert the battery and let charge for a few hours.

On checking the computer today a friend did a voltmeter test and the new universal adapter voltage was very stable. Hey Toshiba satellite l25-s119 sound i plug in my laptop it charges some of the time while on but not all the time. My boyfriend toshiba satellite l25-s119 sound my ac adapter to be measured by a voltmeter.

The battery just does not appear to accept the charge, and dies after 2 minutes. In this model the battery connects directly to the main board. Thanks For your help. At this time it is version 2. When LCD inverter fails, the backlight turns off, but you still should see the desktop very dim image. I tried disconnecting the plug a few toshiba satellite l25-s119 sound to see what happens with the battery, sometimes the battery will discharge with the power supply plugged in.

You can use Hitachi Drive Fitness test.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

The last one is the most inexpensive. My fan seems to be doing fine. The fan also starts when i start up in bios o25-s119 mode.

I will also be placing a triple 60mm fan cooling pad under the machine. Hi Cj I am trouble removing some screws Toshiba satellite l25-s119 sound think toshiba satellite l25-s119 sound are on so tight and I think I messed up the screw top part and I dont know how to take it off, Is there any way I can remove the screw?


I have just bought a refurbished A It will shut down normally at the setup is inspecting your hardware screen, or satdllite if I get lucky I will get to the blue screen to agree to the license, but then it will shut down again.

Toshiba Satellite A battery charging problem | Laptop Repair

Fixed the laptop by replacing the fan. Valerie April 7, If you do not have any important data on the hard drive try to run toshiba satellite l25-s119 sound restore CD, Toshiba satellite l25-s119 sound guess you have nothing to loose and the laptop does not work properly anyway. Nothing happends when i pull the DC adaptor, no light, no sound … But when I push the Power button, Only the battery indicator blinks orange 10 times, even of there is no battery!

I called Toshiba and they put me through to a customer service rep who tosihba me that there is a big lawsuit against these models due to a grounding problem.

Very good prices and toshibz good service. This could be hard drive failure. There is a constant whirring and grinding sound when I switch on the PC.

Toshiba Satellite A105 battery charging problem

I let it sit for a few days to see if it would charge or make any difference satellits it does not. I tried resoldering but the problem remained. Or you can order from toshiba for an extremely high price. Can heatsink cleaning help? Awilliams March 5, From my experience a laptop system board fails much more often toshiba satellite l25-s119 sound a CPU. My Toshiba A battery would not hold a charge anymore.