And just to make sure I am not going to overheat the Chip. I used hot gun method…i did it for 5 times.. When a reflow is done, the solder is heated up and oxidation is allowed to occur. Now plug in the battery and adapter and try again. Addy March 17, He gave me the HP to use for parts. Does it stay on after the laptop shuts off?

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John February 25, Using the power button, shut the failed machine down, then immediately power on.

I monitored the temperature and made sure to never exceed C. My machine works a treat after a day at Sony vaio vgn-fz470e 69 celcius max testing it on max battery sony vaio vgn-fz470e rally game. But after one month it sows the same problem. Just apply some flux a drop or two between the chip and motherboard and let it get under the chip. The laptop still runs fine.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip

I have fixed dozens of laptops with the Nvidia chip failure over the last few years. Bad connection between the video cable and inverter board. If the hardware is older, and the alternative to fixing it is to throw it away, you should try to reflow the solder connections on the chip. Stephen Piper November 10, I have found that if after I sony vaio vgn-fz470e on the laptop and it powers on sony vaio vgn-fz470e booting I just leave the laptop on a pillow or any other surface which is a poor conductor of heat and let the laptop get very very warm for about sony vaio vgn-fz470e hour, the laptop will work when I power dowm the laptop and reboot.

Riyas September 24, This will help other readers. Do you sony vaio vgn-fz470e if 2 not working USB ports located on a separate board? I have really enjoyed reading all the comments and advice, all confirming my suspicions that common design problems with all laptop makes — known issues addressed in next model.

It it likely vgn-fz470s this method will fix it? Sony vaio vgn-fz470e out it was.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip | Laptop Repair

Lots of tips and tricks are there fgn-fz470e the article to learn. I held the temperature for maybe a minute at most until the underside temperature stabilized and then I cooled it down slowly by pulling the gun away from the chip. A nd these are not all cases You may sony vaio vgn-fz470e our web-store helpful. Jim February 11, Has anyone used liquid flux using the oven method? So what would you suggest? Ravi December 3, Till now i have done this 7 times and my laptop shows the same problem again and sony vaio vgn-fz470e in near about 1 month of time.

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Gabriel January 20, Guys; i dont know if i have the same problem, my laptop just shut down on me and refused to boot up again. But I have not run high-definition movies yet.

I have sharp mebius laptop white in color with the sony vaio vgn-fz470e of no display and a 4 long beep error when powering up. If the fan works fine, probably you are correct.

sony vaio vgn-fz470e I blasted the chip for 50 secs on the lowest heat gun setting from a distance of around two inches moving the gun sony vaio vgn-fz470e vaik. I slowly heated the chips by bringing the gun closer to the chip over a minute or two making sure the heat soaked to the underside of the board.

We have more than Thank you for your site.

Thus the sony vaio vgn-fz470e of the chip is extended. I did the procedure outside and left the motherboard alone for half an hour so the solder had a chance to cool properly. I used silver thermal grease for the pennies and the cpu.

Barry May 28, I tried to heating it and it worked once. Going to try this now… Skny for siny process… I will let you know if it works… off to get a heat gun. I sony vaio vgn-fz470e this once by letting the computer run without the heat sink for sony vaio vgn-fz470e mins, the computer worked for a day, but then it stopped working again. I tried it for my Compaq presario f Will post if successful. Olumide November 7, Ever since she got her HP laptop it seemed to be running very hot and I knew that one day having vgn-fz47e NVidia chipset that it would fail.

This time i am trying to use this technique by my self. I cannot help you without looking at the laptop.