Do not open or close the rear paper exit while printing as it may result in a paper jam. Page of Go. Fan the paper, and align its edges. Tray 1 multipurpose tray 8. The indicated cover Close the indicated is open. Slide the media guides against the edges of the media.

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Slide the media guides to provide more space oki mc160n printer them. Scan Click to begin scanning. Page Lower the top cover but do not press down to latch it closed yet. This operation differs from oki mc160n printer ning from a computer application since the destination of the scan data can also be specified. Installation takes a few minutes, and requires a medium size oki mc160n printer philips type screwdriver. When printing double sided pages duplex unit required. Making Basic Copies, Basic Copy Operation Making Basic Copies This section contains descriptions of the basic copy operation procedure and the functions that are frequently used when making copies, such as specifying the zoom ratio and the copy density.

Lightness Increase the lightness by moving the triangle oki mc160n printer the right or to the left to decrease the lightness. Page Introduction This chapter provides information to aid you in resolving machine problems you may encounter, or at least guide you to the proper sources for help.

Open the front cover. Page When installing Tray 2 without installing the duplex option, also install the locking pins one in each opening on the left and right sides at the back of Tray 2. Main Screen Fax Mode No.

Oki MC160N User Manual

When this button is clicked, it changes to the Printer View button. Locate the two fasteners 5 at each side of the belt and the lifting bar 6 at the front end.

This feature requires the optional internal hard disk in the printer. Page Check the password, incorrect, so the and then specify the indicated server correct one. Click Edit oki mc160n printer open “Account for anonymous access”. Clean the feed rollers oli wiping them with a soft, dry cloth. Copyright Information, Document Information, Trademark Information The most up-to-date drivers and manuals are available from the web site: Rotation Select the orientation of the image to be scanned.

Put the cartridge down gently onto a piece of paper to prevent toner from marking your furniture and to avoid damaging the green drum surface.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. To keep the destination registered as it is, select Yes. Before opening the front cover, open Tray 1 if it is not mc16n open. Slide ok media guides against the edges of the oki mc160n printer.

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Follow oki mc160n printer procedure described below to specify an address e-mail address, FTP address or SMB address from the address book as the recipient of the scan data.

Oki MB Driver – Free Downloads

Try printing your data on a sheet of plain paper first to check placement. Preventing Media Misfeeds Make sure that Changing Input Mode Each press of the key switches the input mode between numbers and letters. In a oki mc160n printer, dry location away from sunlight due to heat. While holding the duplex option against the machine, tighten oki mc160n printer screws inside the cover to complete the installation of the duplex option.

Page Open the duplex cover. To print monochrome copies, press the Oki mc160n printer key. Page Adjust the humidity in the media stor- age area. Note When attaching the duplex option, attach the bottom of the option iki.

Load the paper and adjust the paper guides 2 to the size of paper being used. If you open the scanner unit or front cover oki mc160n printer the machine is reset, the calibration stops, then starts over again after the cover is closed. Registering in the Favorite List From the speed dial destinations and group dial destinations registered on this machine, register a maximum of 20 destinations in the favorite list for convenient access to frequently specified destinations.

oki mc160n printer

For general use the automatic settings will suffice, providing reasonable default settings that will produce good results for most documents. Toner does not adhere well to moist or wet media. Page Install the duplex option. An undesirable pattern in a color printing resulting oki mc160n printer incorrect screen angle of overprinting halftone. The area around the fuser unit is extremely hot.

Changes made with this procedure will not be applied to the original data speed dial oki mc160n printer, group dial destination, etc.