Your name or email address: Well thats good news for me then! So was wondering if any of you fellow geeks here have had any experience with that? Yeah hydie is a costly place when it comes to stuff which is rare, obel computers quoted 25k for a G25 racing wheel where as in bangalore it was 16k. In addition to the F1 shifters, there’s also now a gearshift on the right side of the wheel.

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If the NFS disappoint me with this wheel, I’ll try out those demos While all of that is nice, the big deal though is the wheel’s ofrce of motion. The force feedback accurately translates all of the information from the road through to the wheel and makes for a more all-encompassing experience.

Logitech Driving Force Pro – IGN

There’s a button combo that you can use to crank it up, though it can be excessive since games weren’t designed for that much force. In a game that doesn’t support degrees, the wheel locks logitech driving force pro pc at roughly degrees, or 90 to each side, just like any other FF wheel on the market.

Without one the other is simply incomplete, such as was the case with Gran Turismo 3: The occasion when a huge turn like that is necessary rarely, if ever, happens.

Logitech driving force pro pc said, how are the wheels on this Logitech?

Logitech Driving Force Pro GT USB Steering Wheel for PC Ps2 Ps3 | eBay

Other people lotitech the office that have played with the wheel haven’t complained about this, so maybe it’s just me, but I think I usually have un-sweaty hands. It’s other major upgrade lies in its force feedback strength, which not only makes cars feel heavier and more powerful but also allows for greater subtlety. Yes, my password is: So again, the wheel doesn’t do anything that older wheels weren’t capable of in non degree supported games.

I would almost definitely use a six-way shifter just ddiving add to the realism, however. This is a plus in my book. It’s sweet to have the degree range that’s needed to move the wheel as far as possible without moving the hands, logiitech the rest is just excess. The game isn’t pound cake, it’s more like birthday cake, so you logitech driving force pro pc need the icing on there to make it complete.


Luckily for all GT fans the game is finally upon us which logitech driving force pro pc that the Driving Force Fprce can finally be paired with its soul mate.

All of this through the simple, but extremely refined, side-to-side movements of a video game input device. Now, the Driving Force Pro is actually capable of more power vorce older wheels.

If so how was the response.

Logitech Driving Force Pro GT USB Steering Wheel for PC Ps2 Ps3

If you thought the force feedback felt good in GT3 or any other game, you haven’t felt anything yet. For those who already have a PS2 force feedback wheel, well, it depends on how perfect your want your GT4 experience to lgoitech. I do think that logitech driving force pro pc degree thing is a bit much, but it’s leaps and bounds better than Where are force feedback pedals?

You can hear the wheel lock and unlock depending on which game you’re playing.

Your name or email address: While degrees is overkill, having more than degrees is drivng. Like the F1 shifters it’s also sequential, meaning you pull it towards logitech driving force pro pc once to shift up and push it away to shift down. Do you already have an account? Dec 24, 7.

Logitech Driving Force Pro

So youre saying the DF GT would be a better choice even if logitech driving force pro pc have more use on a pc than on my ps The wheel’s major selling point is its degrees of rotation, with force feedback all the way around, for supported games. And when it does the wheel will not quickly slide back to normal the way a real car’s steering wheel does after a turn. Well thats good news for me then!

No, create an account now. The pedals are basically the same, for better or for worse.