The rest of the controls are pretty standard: Nikon Coolpix P Part: ISO shots start to lose some detail at 11×14, and yellows oversaturate a bit, but still work for wall presentation. The P has robust movie options, especially compared with past Coolpix models. Data transfer to a computer is done via a USB 2. From there, you’re recording in high speed, and the camera will capture as much as it can just a few seconds before stopping, or until you press the Record button again. Yup, yet another “shall I switch to FX” post.

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Nikon Coolpix P100 Review

It starts up in under two seconds and zooms pretty quickly yet accurately for a power zoom. We use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content and ads. The P utilizes backside illumination technology that enables the camera sensor to capture and display more detail and tone than conventional CMOS sensors.

Sensor-shift VR is not available during movie recording, but you nikon p100 opt to turn on electronic image stabilisation. Discussion threads can nikon p100 closed at any time nikon p100 our discretion. What is the Best Camera for Beginners?

Nikon Coolpix P100

nikon p100 Chroma color noise is in check to about ISO 1, and luminance noise pixels become nikon p100 problem at 3, It’s still a good idea to turn VR off via the menu when the camera is mounted on a tripod, lest the system itself cause blurring by trying to nikon p100 camera shake that nikkn there.

It doesn’t automatically rise when needed; it remains off until you push a button on the left side of the camera.

The maximum recording time per clip is limited nikon p100 10 seconds in the HS video modes. Photos, even though “only” When you hit the Menu key–depending on the mode you’re in–you’ll have access to up to nikon p100 tabs of adjustable parameters. The main issue here is loss pp100 detail nikon p100 from noise suppression.

Note that the o100 cap has to be removed before turning on the camera – failing to do so will result in p00 error message being displayed, and you’ll have to turn off the camera before you can turn it on again, which is a bit annoying – although if you only want to review what’s already on the card, you can also power on the P by holding down the Playback button, in which case the lens won’t extend.

nikon p100

The nikon p100 include an extension of nikon p100 zoom range out to 26x just in case you were still having trouble seeing into your neighbor’s house or their neighbor’s house. SLR-like ‘super zoom’ cameras. Nikon p100 is 15fps high speed? Considering that with an SLR, you would need at least lenses to cover the same focal range, the single, fixed-mount lens of the Nikon P can be described as remarkably compact, even if it does extend quite a bit when zoomed to full telephoto.


Other improvements to the P include doubling resolution on the 3.

Nikon Coolpix P Review | Photography Blog

Speaking of speed, the Nikon P has a few more tricks in the still-capture nikon p100. Be warned, though, that you will hear the zoom and if you plan to nikon p100 the zoom during recording, you’ll want to switch to the continuous AF, which makes near-constant audible chatter. AF can be centre-spot, user selectable from 99 focus points or camera selectable from 9 points.

At times, the monitor nikon p100 difficult to use in bright outdoor conditions nikon p100 image capture or review depending on sun location and reflections. The Nikon Coolpix P has a The user p100 leaves some room for improvement though.

As these are built into nikon p100 about every battery-bearing computer peripheral on the market, it’s a wonder why more cameras don’t do this helpful bikon.

It was less noticeable on my 8xinch prints. Continue to next page 01 For applications nikln nikon p100 even faster capture rates, the P can also shoot up to fps at 1. I shot my test subject at ISO nikon p100, and found noise under control up nikon p100 ISO with it becoming more of an issue at 1, and 3, A few shifts in hue are visible, such as cyan toward blue, orange toward yellow and yellow toward green.

This nikon p100 borne out at the lab where it was determined macro mode captured sharp details at the center of the frame, though blurring is fairly strong in the corners and around the edges.

It has a range of mm so you can capture nice wide-angle landscapes and family portraits as well as zoom in on specific trees on mountain tops, if that’s your taste. The P can do a continuous nikon p100 at up to 10 frames per second.

A zoom toggle surrounds the shutter.