You’re paid by how far you go, not how much time you spend driving — so if a shipment is late, or traffic is bad, you basically miss out on a big chunk of your paycheck. So another big part of trucking is, of course, lying about all that shit. Anyone who follows those rules isn’t going to make enough money to keep themselves rolling in microwave burritos and truck stop whores. Most truckers ditch the sleep and choose the work. Coffee, Red Bull, and upbeat K-pop just isn’t enough sometimes. Quis, for example, is always sober behind the wheel.

I Used Tinder At Every Trucker Rest Stop in America

Back in the mid s, I decided to run out in the Western region, mostly due to long-haul burnout. Lots of mountain driving, great scenery, love the Oregon ,Washington part of the Cascades. So when they dispatched me on my first load to pick up Christmas trees i was anxious to see what it was all about. The first time I was sent to pick up Christmas trees i was told to go to the pilot truck stop, located in brooks, Oregon and wait there, there would be somebody coming to meet me.

So I went there around midmorning and waited there until late afternoon and a lady showed up in a pickup truck and told me to follow her.

Logging some miles in your big-rig or just looking to emulate that casual cool style? If so, then our trucker cap is for you. The trucker cap adds a versatile and laid-back style to any outfit, but it’s probably best rocked with a plaid button down and a worn-in pair of jeans (and a Mack truck).

Emergency First Response Secondary Care Course This course covers injuries or illnesses that are not immediately life-threatening. You will learn injury assessment, illness assessment, bandaging and splinting. Emergency Primary Care Course This course will provide you with skills which will teach you to respond with confidence in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

You will learn a number of skills which will help in various medical situations. It also addresses the emotional aspects of caring for children as they often differ when dealing with adults. Protect your business and drivers with defensive driving training from NSC. DDC-PTD addresses the unique everyday challenges of driving large vehicles and offers practical information for avoiding violations and citations.

This course can be taught in as little as six hours or expanded to eight hours with supplemental modules. To meet fleet requirements for different industries, the program can be easily modified to address any company’s specific equipment, driver issues and policies. What Drivers Will Learn: CDL Training School will receive job placement assistance. We make it our mission to go above and beyond simply educating you for your career; by also helping you to find one!

It was snowing all day but you and Joe got out there and kept the course clear so the testing could continue. You and Joe did a fine job getting me ready for the testing on that day.

Colorado Truck Driving Schools

Share Hunter pleaded guilty to causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving. The court heard that thirteen other people were injured in the six car pile-up on the A34 at Hinksey, Oxford. An inquest into Isla’s death in September last year heard how the car was in a queue of ‘slow-moving or stationary traffic’ when it was struck from behind by the lorry. Prosecutor Michael Roques told the court there must have been a ‘distraction’ for Mr Hunter to ‘miss the traffic jam’.

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Yard Dog, Yard Mule — Tractor used to move trailers at a terminal, a driver who drives a terminal tractor. Lots of lights called chicken lights and tons of chrome. Almost always found in the hammer lane. Terms for the law, the police Bear or Smokey — the police not the band…hehe Polar bear— Department of transportation enforcement officer. Term for the officer who has to spend all night sitting in a highway construction zone with his disco lights on to make sure everybody slows down to the work zone speed limit.

Gumball machine, Disco Lights — police cruiser with lights flashing. Super truckers typically speed excessively, drive fast in bad weather conditions, use two logbooks, haul overweight loads, and drive for endless hours without sleep sometimes using drugs to stay awake. Driver — what we call each other. Someone who goes home every night. Citizen — someone who is not a trucker.

Cottonpicker — sometimes used as a male-bonding term, but more often as a mild insult. The equivalent of jerk.

Your Source For Outdoor Gear Womens Trucker Caps – prAna – Shop Brands

Richardson Hats will ship same business day if you buy before If you Buy and the item or part of your order is out of stock we will email you the same business day with options to help and let you know when new inventory is expected in. Want to Add Decoration? Click Here for Embroidery Deal We offer embroidery by email or phone.

Our site is the number one place for truckers who are constantly on the go, but still want to find a date or be in a relationship. Whether you are looking for marriage, love, partnership, a companion, a fling, or just a friend, Trucking Singles can help make your dreams a reality.

In between all of the flirting, texting, and trying to make plans to hang out, you start to wonder: Is he trying to have a real relationship with you, or is he only interested in being friends with benefits? Wondering about this can drive any girl crazy. Of course, the rational thing to do is to just ask him what he wants or where he sees you guys going.

And, really, who wants to take the simple and straightforward route? Does he make plans in advance to go get dinner or coffee, or to see a movie? Or he does he text you at 8 PM at night asking if you want to come over?

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You could install a electric controled pilot valve that will be hooked into your leveling valve. You could hook the wires up to the pto engage light so when pto is engaged it activates the pilot valve and starts dumping air you will have to run a fused ign power to pilot valve and ground wire through pto indicator switch as this is a ground control on pto indicator light..

Or you could get a air controlled pilot valve hooked in to leveling valve and tie sensing air line in to your Pto air feed same idea as the electric. Third option for auto dump would be air controlled pilot valve hooked into leveling valve but hook the control air line into your hoist lever. The above ways will be automatic driver does’nt have to remember to throw a switch it will start dumping suspension automatically whenever pto or hoist is engaged depending on how you chose to hook it up.

If you use a pilot valve you wont have to worry about air loss as the pilot valve will block the air supply to the leveling valve and open a port to allow air in suspension to be dumped out.

I give Trucker three stars for being so upbeat and flexible in such a cold, boring state. He also doesn’t expect to hook up with any dumb tricks. You will definitely need to calculate logistics to figure out when he will be at a truck stop near you!

If you are leasing on to a company some let you choose from a load board. Some offer you 3 loads and you choose 1. Some companies you actually are expected to take the load they give you. As far as working when you want to again it depends on that companies policy or how hard you need to run to handle fixed expenses like the truck payment and insurance.

Some have to run 2 weeks to cover those costs some can run 1. Who can ride on the truck again depends on which route you take to become an owner operator and what outfit you partner with. Owner Operators Need a Driver? Becoming an owner operator is not all glory. There are things that you should consider before becoming an independent contractor. It takes a higher level of responsibility, attention to detail and good business aptitude.

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Our dating site for truckers is all about connecting you with someone who enjoys the same lifestyle and has the same goals as you. You can easily connect with local truckers for endless conversations and set up future dates just by picking up your phone or turning on your computer. Dating a truck driver should be fun and simple without the hassles of chasing them down and wasting endless nights in a local truck stop restaurant. If you want to fall in love with a truck driver then this is the place for you.

Our dating site caters to helping you find someone who understands your lifestyle and is down with trucker talk.

It’s often easier to hook up with a trucker in the arcade and then get invited to hop in his sleeper. Rest Area Cruising. Nowhere near as prevalent as it used to be, due to .

Since abducting army lad Dave a year ago, we’ve had a fuck of a lot of fun with him. He’s been trained, used and completely broken. And now it’s time to put the cunt to use We tie Dave up, lock him in a box and cart it down to Stadium, the local nightclub – slipping past a queue of trendy straight lads and their chattering girlfriends. Soon, we’ve got him trussed up in the toilets, plumbed directly into a urinal.

A piss tube is crammed deep into his mouth, held firmly in place by a wide gag. The first couple of men to enter react with horror but curiosity – they’ve never seen anything quite like this before. A year ago, Dave was just like them – an average straight bloke out to have a laugh and chat up birds. But now he’s tied up on a filthy concrete floor, with two laughing blokes looming above him, about to shoot their fresh hot piss right into his mouth.

The urine flows down the pipe and Dave desperately strains at his bonds, but he can’t escape his first drink of the night. As the stinking piss of two men fills his mouth, Dave retches and gags, but with the tube going right inside, he’s made to gulp it down in order not to choke on it. His hairy chest heaves with the effort of swallowing the strong piss over and over again, each mouthful bringing a new dimension of revulsion to his face.

Trucking: with the Driveaway bros. Hooking up and smacking semi ass VID#10

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